METHOD:  XTLRuntime::formatDate

This method is a Microsoft extension to the W3C DOM.

formatDate(varDate, bstrFormat, varDestLocale)

The formatDate method returns the supplied date as a string formatted using the specified formatting options. The first parameter is the date to be formatted; the second is the formatting to be applied. The 'varDestLocale' parameter specifies the Locale to use in determining the sequence in which the date elements are to be supplied; if none is specified, then the sequence is month-day-year. The date can be formatted using the following codes:

  • m
    months as 1-12
  • mm
    months as 01-12
  • mmm
    months as Jan-Dec
  • mmmm
    months as January-December
  • mmmmm
    months as the first letter of the month
  • d
    days as 1-31
  • dd
    days as 01-31
  • ddd
    days as Sun-Sat
  • dddd
    days as Sunday-Saturday
  • yy
    years as 00-99
  • yyyy
    years as 1900-9999

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