FUNCTION:  WMLBrowser.prev

WMLBrowser.prev( )
The WMLBrowser.prev function directs the browser to return to the previous card that was on display. To effect this, the WMLScript interpreter returns control to the WML browser and then the previous card is loaded. The empty string "" is returned by this function.
Since calls to the WMLBrowser.go and WMLBrowser.prev functions override each other, only the last call will determine the settings in effect.
In WML, the prev tag performs a similar task.
This function does not take a parameter.
Code for PrevExample.wml
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<card id="card1">
   we start and end here
   <do type="accept">
      <go href="#card2" />

<card id="card2">
   prev example
   <do type="accept">
      <go href="PrevExample.wmls#findprev()" />


Code for PrevExample.wmls
extern function findprev()

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