TAG:  p

The p tag is primarily used as a container for text and other WML tags. Remember, text in WML cannot stand alone, but must be contained in an element.
This tag also causes a line break to occur, in that the flow of text and images is halted on the current line, and resumes on the next line. Thus, each p element starts on a new line in the display. Note that no additional blank line is inserted such as with the HTML p tag, so this is not a true paragraph break.
This tag can be used to set the alignment and line wrapping values for a paragraph which is accomplished using the align and mode attributes.
If you do not set the text alignment, the default is for the text and images to resume at the left margin of the display.
In general, most browsers automatically line wrap texts that are too long to display in one line and you may find that you cannot turn this line wrapping off. (Line wrapping is used to prevent a long text from disappearing from view by running out of the right margin of the display.) Technically, the default for line wrapping is that the current paragraph element inherits the value of the line wrap mode attribute from the previous paragraph element in the current card. However, if there is no previous paragraph, the current p element inherits the line wrap mode value of the card.
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The optional align attribute is used to align the starting text or image in the paragraph element at the left or right margin, or in the center.
The optional class core attribute is used to assign one or more classes to the element. Multiple classes are separated by white space. The class name is case sensitive (i.e., Stocks and stocks are not the same).
The optional id core attribute is used to assign a unique name to a tag. The name must be unique to the entire deck and not just unique to a card. The first character of the name can be a letter or the underscore. The remaining characters can be any combination of letters, numbers, or underscores.
The optional mode attribute is used to declare whether there is line wrapping or no line wrapping. Correspondingly, there are only two permitted values, wrap and nowrap. This attribute may not be recognized by some browsers. The default is to line wrap.
The optional xml:lang attribute sets the language used in the element, such as English or Greek. For example, in the U.S. the default value is en-US.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<card id="card1" title="Card 1">
<p align="left">
<p align="center">
<p align="right">

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