TAG:  option

The option tag serves as a container for one item that is listed as a choice in a select list. A select list offers a selection of choices from which usersu may choose one or more items. The select list is created using a select element which contains a collection of option elements. A string or text describing the item appears between the opening and closing option tags.
Further, you can group related option elements together into sub-listings using optgroup elements. The browser usually allows you to display only one optgroup element at a time.
Nested Tags:  onevent
The optional class core attribute is used to assign one or more classes to the element. Multiple classes are separated by white space. The class name is case sensitive (i.e., Stocks and stocks are not the same).
The optional id core attribute is used to assign an identifying name to a tag. The name must be unique to the entire deck and not just unique to a card. The first character of the name can be any letter or the underscore. The remaining characters can be any combination of letters, numbers, or underscores.
The optional onpick attribute provides the URL that is to be loaded when the item in the option element is selected or unselected. The URL usually cannot exceed 255 characters in length.
The optional title attribute provides a string or text used to describe or provide additional information about the link.
The optional value attribute sets the value associated with the option element. If this option element is selected, the value is assigned to the variable named by the name attribute of the select element.
The optional xml:lang attribute sets the language, such as English or Greek, used in the element. For example, in the U.S. the default value is en-US.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<card id="ic" title="Ice Cream">
Click Select<br />
<select name="favorite" title="Pick your favorite!">
   <optgroup title="Future Flavors">
      <option value="cd">Coconut Delight</option>
      <option value="cf">Coffee</option>
      <option value="mns">Maple Nut Swirl</option>
      <option value="rs">Raspberry Sorbet</option>
   <optgroup title="Unpopular Flavors">
      <option value="cpr">Cinnamon Prune </option>
      <option value="gb">Green Bean </option>
      <option value="nunu">Nutty Nutmeg</option>

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