TAG:  go

The go tag navigates to the specified URL.
This is referred to as a go task. A task is performed in response to an event. There are four tasks in WML: go, noop, prev, and refresh.
The go element can contain one or more postfield elements. If the destination of a go element is a card within the same deck, all of the postfield elements will be ignored.
The go element can also contain one or more setvar elements. Unlike postfield elements, there are no destination limitations on passing information contained in the setvar elements.
Nested Tags:  postfield  setvar
The optional accept-charset attribute is a comma or space-separated list of character encoding names the server must be able to accept when processing input.
The optional class core attribute is used to assign one or more classes to the element. Multiple classes are separated by white space. The class name is case sensitive (i.e., Stocks and stocks are not the same).
The mandatory href attribute provides the URL for the destination of the link. It can be the URL of a deck or card. The URL usually cannot exceed 255 characters in length.
The optional id core attribute is used to assign an identifying name to a tag. The name must be unique to the entire deck and not just unique to a card. The first character of the name can be any letter or the underscore. The remaining characters can be any combination of letters, numbers, or underscores.
The optional method attribute dictates the HTTP submission method. There are only two permitted values, get and post. A post submission includes the data with the submission. A get submission appends the data as a query to the URL or URN.
The optional sendreferer attribute is a Boolean value that, if true, directs the user agent to provide the URL or URN of the referring deck to the server. (The user agent is any software or device that interprets WML.) The default is false and the URL or URN is not provided.
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<card id="card1" title="card 1">
<anchor title="anchor tag">
Go To Card 2
<go href="#card2" />

<card id="card2" title="card 2">
DevGuru is great!


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