METHOD:  FileSystemObject.MoveFile

Implemented in version 2.0
object.MoveFile source, destination

This method lets us move one or more files from one location ( the source) to another (destination). Wildcards can be used within the source string, providing it is the last component in the path, to enable the moving of multiple files, but cannot be used in the destination string. Note that if the source does contain wildcards, or if the destination ends with a back-slash (path separator), it is automatically assumed that the destination is an existing folder and any matching files are moved to it.

It is recommended that you use the FileExists method when moving a file - if a source file doesn't exist you'll get an error. An error also occurs if the destination is a directory or an existing file.

dim filesys
set filesys=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If filesys.FileExists("c:\sourcefolder\anyfile.html") Then
   filesys.MoveFile "c:\sourcefolder\anyfile.html", "c:\destfolder\"
End If

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