METHOD:  FileSystemObject.CreateFolder

Implemented in version 2.0

This method allows us to create a folder with the specified foldername.
If a folder already exists with the same name as you are trying to create, you will get an error. The FolderExists method can be used to check this before creating you new folder.

dim filesys, newfolder, newfolderpath
newfolderpath = "c:\DevGuru\myfolder"
set filesys=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If Not filesys.FolderExists(newfolderpath) Then
   Set newfolder = filesys.CreateFolder(newfolderpath)
   Response.Write("A new folder has been created at: " & newfolderpath)
End If

"A new folder has been created at: c:\DevGuru\myfolder"

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