METHOD:  Err.Raise

Implemented in version 1.0
object.Raise(number[, source, description, helpfile, helpcontext])

This method is used to generate a VBScript runtime error. The arguments, with the exception of number, are all optional. Note that if no arguments are supplied, any error values that have not been cleared from the Err object will automatically be inherited by the new instance of the object.

On Error Resume Next
Err.Raise 8    'raise a user-defined error
Err.Description = "My Error"
Err.Source = "MyAppName"
Response.Write "An Error of the type '" & Err.Description & "' has been_
                         caused by '" & Err.Source & "'."

"An Error of the type 'My Error' has caused by 'MyAppName'."

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