OBJECT:  Drive

Implemented in version 3.0
The Drive object provides access to the various properties of the local or remote disk drive.

The following code uses the GetDrive method of the FileSystemObject object to get the Drive object for drive "c".

Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set drv = filesys.GetDrive("c")


AvailableSpace Property
Returns the amount of space available on the specified local or remote disk drive.

Syntax: object.AvailableSpace

DriveLetter Property
Returns the dirve letter of the specified local or remote disk drive. Read only.

Syntax: object.DriveLetter

DriveType Property
Returns an integer indicating the type of the drive.

Syntax: object.DriveType

FileSystem Property
This property returns the file system type that is in use on the specified drive.

Syntax: object.FileSystem

FreeSpace Property
Returns the amount of free space available to a user on the specified local or remote drive.

Syntax: object.FreeSpace

IsReady Property
This property is a Boolean whose value is True if the specified drive is available for use and False otherwise.

Syntax: object.IsReady

Path Property
Returns the path for a specified file, folder or drive.

Syntax: object.Path

RootFolder Property
Returns a Folder object that represents the root folder of the specified drive.

Syntax: object.RootFolder

Returns the decimal serial number for the specified drive. This number can be used to uniquely identify a disk volume.

Syntax: object.SerialNumber

ShareName Property
Returns the network name in Universal Naming Convention (UNC) for the remote disk drive. Used only when working with a remote drive (DriveType property is 3).

Syntax: object.ShareName

TotalSize Property
Returns the total space, in bytes, of the specified drive.

Syntax: object.TotalSize

VolumeName Property
Sets or returns the volume name of the specified drive.

Syntax: object. VolumeName [ = newname]

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