METHOD:  Window::setTimeout

window.setTimeout(expression/function, milliseconds)

This method is used to call a function or evaluate an expression after a specified number of milliseconds. If an expression is to be evaluated, it must be quoted to prevent it being evaluated immediately. Note that the use of this method does not halt the execution of any remaining scripts until the timeout has passed, it just schedules the expression or function for the specified time.

The following example opens a new window and uses the setTimeout method to call the winClose() function which closes it after five seconds (5000 milliseconds).

function winClose() {

myWindow ="", "tinyWindow", 'width=150, height=110')
myWindow.document.write("This window will close automatically after five seconds. Thanks for your patience")
self.setTimeout('winClose()', 5000)

In this example, the setTimeout method is used with the onClick core attribute in an input tag within the body element to call a function after five seconds (5000 milliseconds):

<script language="Javascript">
function displayAlert()
alert("The GURU sez hi!")
Click on the button.
After 5 seconds, an alert will appear.
<input type="button" onclick="setTimeout('displayAlert()',5000)" value="Click Me">

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