METHOD:  Window::find Netscape Only Feature

window.find([string[, caseSensitive, backward]])

This method allows the searching of the contents of a window for a specified string. The caseSensitive and backward arguments are Booleans and to use either of these you must also specify the other. If a search string is not supplied, JavaScript will display a Find dialog box which prompts the user for a string to search for, and also provides the facility to set the other two (caseSensitive and backward) arguments.

The first example below uses the onClick event handler of the <A> tag to call the findhello() function that searches the contents of the window for the strings "hello" and "goodbye". The results of these searches are displayed, true or false, as JavaScript alerts. The second example shows the "Find" dialog box that is displayed if no search string is supplied.

function findhello ()
   alert("FIND hello = " + window.find("hello"))
   alert("FIND goodbye = " + window.find("goodbye"))

<A HREF="javascript:findhello()">Find hello</A>


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