METHOD:  RegExp::exec

object([str]) Netscape Only Feature
This method executes a search for a match in a specified string, returning a result array. (If, however, you simply want to test whether or not there is a match, it is best to use the test method or the method.) For example, the following blocks of code, one for the Internet Explorer browser and the other for Netscape, each execute a search of the string "the fisherman" for a match with the regular expression 'rexp'. If one is found (and in the case of the example it is), then an appropriate message is printed.
Code:Internet Explorer Only Feature
rexp = /[aeiou]/g
myString = "the fisherman"
   match = rexp.exec(myString)
   document.write("Successfully matched " + match)

Code:Netscape Only Feature
rexp = /[aeiou]/g
myString = "the fisherman"
   match = RegExp.lastMatch
   document.write("Successfully matched " + match)

Output:Internet Explorer Only Feature Netscape Only Feature
Successfully matched e
The Netscape browser can call the exec method both directly (object.exec([str])) or indirectly (object([str])), whereas Microsoft Internet Explorer can only call it directly. If no string is declared then the value of RegExp.input is used. If the search fails, the exec method returns null.

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