OBJECT:  Location

The Location object is part of a Window object and is accessed through the window.location property. It contains the complete URL of a given Window object, or, if none is specified, of the current Window object. All of its properties are strings representing different portions of the URL, which generally takes the following form:
You can create a Location object by simply assigning a URL to the location property of an object:
window.location = "file:///C:/Projects"
hash Property
The hash property is a string beginning with a hash (#), that specifies an anchor name in an HTTP URL.
Syntax: location.hash
host Property
The host property is a string comprising of the hostname and port strings.
Syntax: location.host
hostname Property
The hostname property specifies the server name, subdomain and domain name (or IP address) of a URL.
Syntax: location.hostname
href Property
The href property is a string specifying the entire URL, and of which all other Link properties are substrings.
Syntax: location.href
pathname Property
The pathname property is a string portion of a URL specifying how a particular resource can be accessed.
Syntax: location.pathname
port Property
The port property is a string specifying the communications port that the server uses.
Syntax: location.port
protocol Property
The protocol property is the string at the beginning of a URL, up to and including the first colon (:), which specifies the method of access to the URL.
Syntax: location.protocol
search Property
The search property is a string beginning with a question mark that specifies any query information in an HTTP URL.
Syntax: location.search
reload Method
The reload method forces a reload of the window's current document, i.e. the one contained in the Location.href property.
Syntax: location.reload([forceGet])
replace Method
The replace method replaces the current History entry with the specified URL. After calling the replace method, you cannot navigate back to the previous URL using the browser's Back button.
Syntax: location.replace(URL)

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