METHOD:  History::go


The go method loads a specified URL from the History list. There are two ways of doing this: you can either go to a relative position backwards or forwards in the list, or you can specify all or part of the URL you wish to load. To go to a relative position forwards in the list, you use as the Delta argument a number greater than 0 for the number of places forwards and, likewise, to go to a relative position backwards in the list, you need to specify a negative number equal to the number of places backwards. If the Delta argument is 0, then the current page is reloaded. for example, the following code creates a button, which when pressed, loads a page 2 entries previous in the history list:
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Go" onClick="history.go(-2)">
In the following example, a button is created, which when pressed, loads the nearest History entry that contains the string "":
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Go" onClick="history.go('')">

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