METHOD:  Function::toSource

Function.toSource ()
The toSource method creates a string representing the source code of the function. This over-rides the Object.toSource method. Although the toSource method is usually called by JavaScript behind the scenes, you can call it yourself. This can be particularly useful when debugging. In the case of the built-in Function object, it returns a string indicating that the source code is not available, while, for a user-defined function, toSource will return the JavaScript source that defines it as a string. The following examples illustrate these uses:
Function.toSource()   returns:
function Function() { [native code] }
function Cat(breed, name, age)
   this.breed = breed = name
   this.age = age
function Cat(breed, name, age) { this.breed = breed; = name; this.age = age; }
Sheeba = new Cat("Manx", "Felix", 7)
{breed:"Manx", name:"Felix", age:7}

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