Operator: \ (backslash inline or escaped characters)

The \ (backslash) is used to insert apostrophes, carriage returns, quotes, tabs, and other special characters inside a string.
For example, in JavaScript, the start and stop of a string is delimited with either single or double quotes. However, if the string contains single and/or double quotes, you have problems.
Consider the string, "My favorite rose is the "Peach Delight.""
JavasScript will chop the output to, My favorite rose is the
Fortunately, this has a very simple solution. All you have to do is to place a backslash \ before each double quote in "Peach Delight". This turns each \" into a string literal.
The string is becomes, "My favorite rose is the \"Peach Delight\"."
JavasScript will now output, My favorite rose is the "Peach Delight."
This same concept is used with a variety of other characters. These backslash pairs are refered to as inline or escaped characters.
\' single quote
\" double quote
\\ backslash
\b backspace
\f form feed
\n new line
\r carriage return
\t tab

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