PROPERTY:  Document::cookie

document.cookie[ = "expression(s)"]

This property is a string that returns a report detailing all visible and un-expired cookies that are associated with the specified document. The value returned using this method only contains the name and value attributes of the associated cookies in a single string.

When setting the cookie property, which can be done at any time, the following syntax must be used:

"name" = "value"; expires = "date"; path = "directory"; domain = "domainName"; secure

The "date" parameter must be in the format as returned by the toGMTString() method of the Date object. The expires attribute is optional; not setting this will mean that the cookie will expire when the user shuts down their browser. If set, the cookie survives until the set expiry date. "domainName" sets the cookie's visibility to a particular domain although this attribute is rarely use as it defaults to the domain of the carrying document and visibility of the cookie is normally restricted to this document alone. The path parameter is similar to domain in that it restricts the cookie's visibilty to the specified directory on the web server. The secure attribute is less commonly used. It is a Boolean (true or false) that, when true, suggests that the browser should only make secure (SSL) URL requests when the cookie is sent to the server.


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