METHOD:  Function::callNetscape Only Feature[, arg1[, arg2[, ...]]])
The call method allows you to call a method from another object. This means you only need to write an object once and just apply it to any other objects that make use of it. The following example first creates an object called Car which has three properties. Then a second object is created called HireCar which (beside others) also has those same properties. So, instead of having to rewrite those properties, the HireCar object uses the call method to inherit them from the Car object. Note that that you can assign a different this object when calling an existing function.
function car(make, model, year)
{this.make = make, this.model = model, this.year = year}

function hireCar(carNo, make, model, year)
{this.carNo = carNo,, make, model, year)}

The call method is very similar to the apply method, but differs in that with call you cannot have the now deprecated arguments array as one of its parameters.

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