OBJECT:  Applet

An Applet object, created for every instance of the HTML <APPLET> tag in your document, allows the inclusion of a Java applet in a web page. These objects are then stored in an array in the document.applets property.

To enable an applet to access Javascript on your page, you must specify the <APPLET> tag's MAYSCRIPT attribute; failure to do this will cause an exception if the applet tries to access JavaScript. This allows a measure of security for each HTML page that contains the applet.

The following HTML code executes the myApp applet and sets the MAYSCRIPT attribute to allow it access to JavaScript. This will also automatically create an Applet object called "myApp" which will be added to the document.applets array and can be referenced as document.applets[0] (providing this is the first instance of the <APPLET> tag in your document) or document.applets["myApp"].



All public properties of a Java applet are inherited by the Applet object.


All public methods of a Java applet are inherited by the Applet object.

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