OBJECT:  Anchor

An Anchor object is a place in a document that is the target of a hypertext link. There are two ways of creating it: by calling the String.anchor method or by using the HTML 'A' tag. Each of these tags that have a NAME attribute is placed by the JavaScript engine in an array in the document.anchors property. An Anchor object can then be accessed by indexing this array. The former uses code to produce the anchor using the anchor method along with the document.write or document.writeln method.
The following example creates an anchor called 'book_anchor' on the string 'INDEX OF BOOKS'
var mystring = "INDEX OF BOOKS"

Using the HTML 'A' tag, you can do exactly the same as the above as follows:
<A NAME="book_anchor">INDEX OF BOOKS</A>
The Anchor object inherits the watch and unwatch methods from Object, neither of which is supported by Microsoft JScript.
If the Anchor object is also a Link object, it'll have entries in both the anchors and links arrays.

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