PROPERTY: quotes

quotes : none | string string ... ...
Compatibility: Currently not supported by any browser
Version: Level 2
Inherited: Yes
The quotes property is a blank space delimited list of one or more types of opening and closing quotations marks that will be used in each successive level of embedded quotes. You use the content property to set the quotation marks before and after a specified element. This allows the selection of various types of quotation marks in a style-sensitive and context-dependent manner. (Note that you do not have to just use quotation marks. Since you are simply providing a string, you could use <, >, *, ?, and other characters.)
The none value prevents the content property from displaying quotation marks.
string string
The string string values occur in pairs and are used to define pairs of opening and closing quotation marks. The first string in the pair defines the opening quotation mark. The second string in the pair defines the closing quotation mark. Each quotation mark being defined is treated as a string and must be enclosed within a pair of double quotes with no white space. If you include white space, it will appear in the output.
When a new level of embedded quotes is encountered, the next pair of string values in the list is referenced to provide the type of quotation marks to use.
In this example, the first pair are double quotes, the second pair are single quotes.
(i.e., quotes: DDD DDD DSD DSD;)
<style type="text/css">
q { quotes: """ """ "'" "'"; }
This is an <q>emedded</q> quote.

Expected Output:
"This is an 'embedded' quote."

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