PROPERTY: padding-right

padding-right : length | percentage
Compatibility:  IE4+  N4+
Version: Level 1
Inherited: No
The padding-right property allows you to insert padding (space) between the right border and the enclosed text or images.
The length value can be in any of the following seven units. Use the abbreviation.
Length Abbrev.
centimeters cm
ems em
inches in
millimeters mm
picas pc
pixels px
points pt

The percentage value is based upon the total width being defined as 100%.
body { padding-right: 25mm; }
body { padding-right: 1.0in; }
body { padding-right: 15pc; }
body { padding-right: 36pt; }
body { padding-right: 11.5%; }

<table border="2">
<td style="padding-right: 22px;">
right padding

right padding

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