PROPERTY: outline-color

outline-color : color | invert
Compatibility: Currently not supported by any browser
Version: Level 2
Inherited: No
The outline-color property sets the color of the outline.
An outline is a line drawn around an element with the purpose of making that element stand out (i.e., become more noticeable on a page). You can set the color, style, and width of the line. The outline is drawn outside of the border edge of the element. Therefore, an element can have both a border and an outline. Unlike a border, an outline does not have to have a rectangular shape.
The color value can be the keyword color name, the hex six-digit number (#FFFFFF), or the RGB three-digit value (255,255,255). There are sixteen standard colors in HTML:
aqua navy
black olive
blue purple
fuchsia red
gray silver
green teal
lime white
maroon yellow

The invert value performs a color inversion on the background color and uses the inverted color for the outline. This insures that the outline color will stand out from the background.
img { outline-color: red }
p { outline-color: #E9E9E9 }

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