PROPERTY: list-style-image

list-style-image : url("urladdress") | none
Compatibility:  IE4+  N6
Version: Level 1
Inherited: Yes
The list-style-image property is used to provide the location of an image that is used as a marker in a list. This property only applies to elements with display values of list-item.
The url("urladdress") value gives the address where the image is stored. You must enclose the url address inside a pair of parentheses and within a pair of quotes.
The default none value indicates that no image will be displayed. This is primarily used to turn off a previously selected image so that it will not be reused in another listing.
ul.out { list-style-position: outside; list-style-image: url("images/ie.gif"); }
<ul class="ie">
<li> ADO
<li> ASP
<li> Jet SQL
<li> WSH

  • ADO
  • ASP
  • Jet SQL
  • WSH

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