color : color
Compatibility:  IE4+  N4+
Version: Level 1
Inherited: Yes
The color property allows you to select the color of the text. The default is black.
The color value can be the keyword color name, the hex six-digit number (#FFFFFF), or the RGB three-digit value (255,255,255). There are sixteen standard colors in HTML:
aqua navy
black olive
blue purple
fuchsia red
gray silver
green teal
lime white
maroon yellow

p { color:  RGB(100, 14, 107); }
p { color:  #E9ACB2; }
p { color:  teal; }

<span style="color: fuchia;">DevGuru</span>
<span style="color: #00FF00;"> is</span>
<span style="color: RGB(256, 11, 17);"> great!</span>

DevGuru is great!

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