PROPERTY: border-color

border-color : color
Compatibility:  IE4+  N6
Version: Level 1
Inherited: No
The border-color property allows you to set the color of the border.
You can declare one, two, three or four colors:
If you declare one color, all four borders will be that color.
If you declare two colors, the top and bottom borders will be the first color, the right and left borders will be the second color.
If you declare three colors, the top border will be the first, the right border the second, and the bottom and left borders the third color.
If you declare four colors, the order is top, right, bottom, left.
The color value can be the keyword color name, the hex six-digit number (#FFFFFF), or the RGB three-digit value (255,255,255). There are sixteen standard colors in HTML:
aqua navy
black olive
blue purple
fuchsia red
gray silver
green teal
lime white
maroon yellow

body { border-color: RGB(201, 94, 177); }
body { border-color: #E95A2B; }
body { border-color: silver; }
body { border-color: silver ;red; }
body { border-color: silver red RGB(223, 94, 77); }
body { border-color: silver red RGB(223, 94, 77) black; }

border-color: red red red red;
border-style: solid solid solid solid;
border-width: 30px 30px 30px 30px;
<p class="bordr">
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