PROPERTY: background-color

background-color : color | transparent
Compatibility:  IE4+  N4+
Version: Level 1
Inherited: No
The background-color property allows you to select the background color. Since, you can assign the background-color to individual elements, you can have more than one background color on a page.
The color value can be the keyword color name, the hex six-digit number (#FFFFFF), or the rgb three-digit value (255,255,255). There are sixteen standard colors in html:
aqua navy
black olive
blue purple
fuchsia red
gray silver
green teal
lime white
maroon yellow

The transparent value allows the background color to be visible through the foreground images. This is how an area inside any character, such as the white space inside this O, is the same as this white background.
p {background-color:  silver}
br {background-color:  rgb(223,71,177) }
body {background-color:  #98AB6F}
pre {background-color:  transparent}

<span style="background-color: yellow;">A yellow background</span>
A yellow background

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