OBJECT:  Response

Modified in version 3.0

The Response object sends information back to the user (browser).


Buffer Property  Modified in version 3.0
The Buffer property tells whether the page output being sent to the browser is buffered.

CacheControl Property
The CacheControl property determines whether a proxy server can cache the Active Server Page.

Charset Property
The Charset property appends the name of the character set being used to the content-type header contained in the response object.

ContentType Property
The ContentType property specifies the HTTP content type/subtype for the response header.

Expires Property
The Expires property specifies the length of time in minutes until a cached page on the browser expires.

ExpiresAbsolute Property
The ExpiresAbsolute property specifies a date and time when a cached page on the browser will expire.

IsClientConnected Property  Modified in version 3.0
The IsClientConnected property indicates whether the browser has disconnected from the server since the last Response.Write.

PICS Property
The PICS property specifies the value of a PICS rating label for a document or a site.

Status Property
The Status property specifies the value of the status line returned by the server.


Cookies Collection Property
The Cookies collection property allows you to add a cookie to a browser and add values to the cookie.


AddHeader Name, Value Method
The AddHeader method adds a new named HTTP header with a specific value to the response.

AppendToLog (String) Method
The AppendToLog method adds a string to the end of an entry in the Web server log for this request.

BinaryWrite (Data) Method
The BinaryWrite method sends specific data to the current HTTP output without any character conversions.

Clear Method
The Clear method clears (erases) any buffered HTML output.

End Method
The End method causes the web server to stop processing the script and to return the current results without processing the rest of the file.

Flush Method
The Flush method sends the contents of the buffer.

Redirect (URL) Method
The Redirect method tries to connect the browser to a different URL.

Write (variant) Method
The Write method sends any specified variant to the browser.

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