Implemented in version 3.0

The ASPError object is used to obtain detailed information on an error condition. This information, provided by the nine read-only properties of ASPError, can only be accessed by using the Server.GetLastError method.


ASPCode Property
The ASPCode property returns the error code generated by IIS.

ASPDescription Property
The ASPDescription property returns a string that provides more detailed description of the error as compared to the short description returned by the Description property. (Not available for all errors.)

Category Property
The Category property returns a string indicating if the error was generated by IIS, an object, or a scripting language.

Column Property
The Column property returns a long integer defining the column position inside the ASP file where the error occurred.

Description Property
The Description property returns a string that is a short description of the error. If you desire a longer description, use the ASPDescription property.

File Property
The File property returns the name of the ASP (Active Server Page) file in which the error occurred.

Line Property
The Line property returns an long integer defining the line number inside the ASP file where the error occurred.

Number Property
The Number property returns a long integer defining the standard COM error code returned by a COM component.

Source Property
The Source property returns a string with the actual line from the source code where the error occurred (if available).

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